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Pawtropolis Testimonial

Having a doggie daycare it’s only appropriate to have cute pictures on the walls. However I had been reluctant to have anyone come in and paint, afraid of getting something that looked cheesy and unprofessional and didn’t fit in with the standards we try to promote here. One day I went into Mars Hill Animal Hospital and saw the most beautiful tree painted on a wall in the waiting room, then I was shown a cute dog bath tub scene in the groom room. They were pictures exactly like I knew I wanted for Pawtropolis. I was happy to discover that this artist was Laura Gross. After talking with Laura just one time she came in and began the painting projects in our facility. Each painting she did was as if she took exactly what was in my head and made it come to life on our walls. She even added special touches like using my dogs’ names and likenesses for some of the pictures. Since we care for animals overnight this means we have dogs in our facility at all times. This makes letting people in our doggie daycare area very difficult when our playgroups are out and active. Laura was so considerate to work around a schedule that worked best for us, even if that meant her coming up here late at night and making many more trips than she normally would have. It’s hard to explain just how much Laura’s paintings add to the character of our business. I can’t give a new client a tour without having them comment on how cute they are. I am still brainstorming other cute paintings I can have Laura come and do! She’s fantastic not only as an artist but as a person.

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              Pawtropolis, Inc.
              Helping Paws Rescue
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